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MediaProScience (MPS) is a media production and branding company based in the south of Germany, with representatives in Hamburg and San Francisco. As a member of an industrial cluster called MicroTEC Southwest, we enjoy working alongside companies such as the automaker Daimler, automation innovator Festo, or technology innovator Bosch. MPS is in charge of designing and promoting communication channels addressing the world's leading markets for the companies in the cluster. The projects are partly funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin. MPS is not only involved in developing innovative formats and filming and photographing technological breakthroughs for internet publishing or broadcasting purposes. The MPS teams also take pride in promoting medical institutions and firms, such as the University Heart Center, the International Medical Service and the American medical technology supplier Covidien and many more. Our scope comprises the production of feature films from the script to all of the post production steps, such as audio production, including original music and score arranging, designing and implementing websites, studio and live photography, and the design and production of any kind of printed material. We also design trade fair stands with everything that goes with it, e.g. attractive give-away design, innovative film concepts and accompanying brochures and flyers.   One of our specialties are films and other media productions in foreign languages. We are capable of texting, producing and fitting comments in English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese and other languages. We also provide translation services for speeches, websites, trade show presentations and much more. We aid international production companies in producing highly compatible film productions for the European and American film markets. With innovative software tools developed within the cluster such as RichMedia Plus, we are able to provide a service for fast and highly proficient film making that meet the highest standards. Forget about the usual problems with film productions and even PPT-presentations and start to get your messages across in a very professional and highly efficient way. As a customer you will feel our dedication and commitment to achieve the finest possible results in your favor. For filming and sound acquisition we use state-of-the-art equipment, but we will always give you the best value for your investment by choosing just the right tool that will precisely do the job for you, not overstretching the budget by billing for equipment that isn't absolutely necessary or doesn't fit the production formats. Our equipment includes an American build camera crane (Kobra Krane Plus), a SteadiCam rig, also an American built dolly system (Microdolly Hollywood) and several other items that guarantee an interesting and modern production. Should you plan a film production or trade show appearance in Europe, please also feel free to contact us at any time. We are delighted to hear from you and your project, and we are confident that we will find the best solutions to satisfy your demands.